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Physical and mental safety are equally important and valuable for us. We want our participants to leave our larps with strong experiences, but our first priority is always the safety of players, helpers, and organizers. At the same time, we believe that our participants are most importantly adults who can be responsible for themselves, meaning we place a great deal of responsibility for their hands. We will rely on every participant to practice self-care and be mindful of their boundaries and to help create a safe space for others who are also part of the event. Before the start of every event, every participant must also sign a declaration stating they are taking part in the event willingly and at their own risk. Regardless of that, we always try to make sure the strong experiences are accompanied by a safety net and do everything we can for you in case anything goes wrong. This safety net currently takes the form of several measures:

Pre-game questionnaires

Every individual is unique and can have specific issues or limitations, which may pose unexpected challenges at a game. Before any mentally or physically challenging games, we ask about any such details in special personal questionnaires. This sensitive information can always only be accessed by 1-2 select organizers who evaluate them and can take any necessary measures in time – such as make sure the casting avoids any triggers, or that NPCs are instructed accordingly. In exceptional cases, they may also recommend the player not to attend the game. This also means one important thing: If you want us to take your needs into account, tell us about them. 

Measures and first aid on site

Our larps usually have hard limits of what is allowed and what is not. These are shown and practised at pre-game workshops. These generally relate to playing out intimate contact or violence. 

At the same time, if at any time you have an experience that makes you uncomfortable or hurts you, you can always approach the organizers at the larp. At large events and physically demanding larps, we always have a trained first aider on site (which in the Czech Republic means not necessarily a medical professional, but a person accredited to provide first aid at events). We also usually have a consultant with special training in psychological first aid at events. We know that larping can sometimes be very mentally challenging and it is important for us to provide support in this as well. 

Support after events

Our consultants are generally also available on site after the larp proper ends; for example during an afterparty or a last, off-game night. After the event, you can also inform us of any problems in a feedback form. 

Safety Consultant

Another person you can always turn to with an issue is our Safety Consultant, reachable at The Safety Consultant is a role independent of any specific game – you can write to them when you don’t know who else to turn to; when your issue is very sensitive; when you turned to the organizers, but you feel like your problem was not adequately dealt with; or when your issue is related to a specific organizer or Rolling member. At the moment, our Safety Consultant is Michaela Hrabáková. Anything you say to the Safety Consultant will always be treated as strictly confidential. They will not share it with anyone else, including anyone else from Rolling, without your express consent.