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Support us

Our work and existence also generates some overhead costs. The major ones include costs for our van that transports things to our games, the cost of our warehouse in Terezín, as well as smaller things, like the cost of owning a very large container for trash.

We have to pay all of these costs regularly and they are inseparably tied to our work, although they are not necessarily always visible. We cover all of these overheads from any funds left by our games. We will always remain an organization of volunteers who work without any pay. We invest all our profits back into things that make life easier for us as we run games and let us keep making new ones (such as production equipment) or we return them back into the games directly, turning them into props, costumes and equipment. Our major goal is to keep our larp prices accessible, meaning sometimes it takes several runs before the expenses for a larp are covered. It is also always possible with any given game that something will go so terribly wrong that we will never run it again.

But let’s get back to the overheads. A new thing is that we’ll start sending all our payments to the town of Terezín from a transparent account (

If you want to contribute to covering these costs, you can help us by setting up a monthly contribution for us – there are heroes who have been doing it for a while! Long-term support is crucial for us, as it lets us plan better and gives us more stability in our operations. And because connecting to specific things is nice, we are offering you the option of adopting bits of our warehouse.

How to do that? It’s simple – first you will pick a shelf in our warehouse, which you would like to adopt. We have countless shelves, all overflowing with props and boxes of costumes. It is up to you whether you’d like to adopt one shelf or a whole rack of them. If you want to support our work even more, you can adopt a whole room! We also have plenty of those in Terezín and each comes with a backstory!


Shelf – 10 E/month

Rack – 20 E/month

Room – 40+ E/month

These are just rough estimates, but any sum will be useful. In case you support us with more funds that we need for running our warehouse, we will invest them into developing our warehouse and crew spaces.

How to do that technically?

As soon as you set up a regular payment to our account:
IBAN:  CZ7520100000002300500209
Please sign your name in the note for the recipient and let us know at If you adopt a shelf or a rack, tell us what, roughly, you would like it to contain – for example if you have a favourite prop.

If you adopt a room, you can pick from the following:

Prop Room



Costumers’ Storeroom

Production Storeroom

Heavy Storeroom

Furniture Storeroom


 We will even put your name on the door!

Why are you doing this, are you going broke?

We decided to wait until the worst restrictions in the Czech Republic were lifted. No, we are not going broke. We have a buffer because we did a lot of saving in the previous years and we are starting up our activities again. Our main motivation is to provide at least a symbolic reward for the heroes who have already been contributing and to make it clearer how it is possible to support us. Please note your contribution will not entitle you to any preferential treatment during signup, casting or our larps. If you feel you’d deserve that, we respect that, but these are our fundamental values.