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Knights’ Song

Knights’ Song will take you to Šumava.

But not your standard, tame Bohemian Šumava that you’d go to to camp and swim, and hike up a few drowsy  hills.

It will take you to a Šumava full of faith, miracles, and despair. A Šumava of empty houses and glades where only a few old stones suggest an old village may once have stood there. The Šumava that old Czech patriots dreamed of. The world of Our Kind. Knights with revolvers and swords on their belts; fair maidens and magical creatures. They live amongst us and it is no coincidence that their society reflects the one we live in.

The world we are inviting you into will let you:

  • Build a game around the essence of chivalric stories; even though this will not be a larp about historical knights. The history of chivalry is our inspiration, not our goal.
  • Combine the Arthurian legend with modern props and backgrounds. We draw our inspiration from works of historical authors who, like us, placed the heroes of Avalon into contemporary settings.
  • Create an original game aesthetic, combining costumes, guns, radios, and other props into a blend of the modern and the fairy tale world, allowing a more immersive experience in battle and in other parts of the game.
  • Tell a story interwoven with historical and mythical allusions. Not because we want to make an educational game, but for fun and maybe as some food for thought.